Application of Intelligent Lighting System in Museum Exhibition Design

With the continuous progress of economic and cultural construction, people have higher and higher requirements for culture and art. Visiting museums has become an important part of people's cultural life, and the use of lighting in museum exhibition design is particularly important.
The application of intelligent lighting system be helpful to protect the exhibits, give the visitors a better viewing experience, and also effectively save electricity. Therefore, The use of smart lighting in museum exhibition design has strong practical significance.
Firstly, compared with traditional lighting, smart lighting system can control and manage lamps be intelligently . For example, light soft start, dimming, one-button scene, one-to-one remote control and zoning lights on and off(group control), timming etc intelligent management.


In order to protect cultural relics, the designers will control the light beam angle and light luminous of the lamps according to different objects, at this time, the intelligent lighting system can realize this desire more simply and accurately, especially the intelligent track light with zoomable and dimming function at the same time.

That is to say, the intelligent lighting system can help the designer adjust the lighting according to the different requirements of the exhibition area, so as to achieve better display effect. Visual interface settings via intelligent lighting system software or control panel, can control the brightness of individual lamp be effectively, and also improve the controllability and convenience of lighting control by designers.

In the modern museum exhibition design, in order to enrich the exhibition form and effect, and make the audience can understand the historical period or the scene of the event where the cultural relics are located more intuitively and stereoscopically , the designer will design the scene restoration or dynamic scene to coordinate with the exhibition of cultural relics. It has become a big problem in the design to create different light environment effects according to different scenes and different themes.

However, after the establishment of a convenient wireless intelligent lighting system,it’s be easily and effectively to realize scene switching by setting lighting scenes at computer software, control panel, IPAD etc. Ternimals, according to different times, different atmospheres and different themes. That’s, when the theme exhibition is changed in the museum or the lighting effect needs to be changed, the museum staff only need to operate the preset buttons, It can call up the different scenes lighting atmosphere , make the scene switching be flexible extremely, and make the lighting management be more humanized and intelligent.


In short, entering the museum is tantamount to embracing a beautiful visual feast: space carries the past and future of cultural relics, while light gives the soul of cultural relics.

LEDEAST has more than 10 years of experience in this field, there are many types of track lights be focusable and with different dimming way, such as 0~10V dimming, DALI dimming, Zigbee smart dimming, Triac dimming, Bluetooth dimming etc.,By using alone or in group, LEDEAST lamps can be used in exhibition halls, museums, art galleries and other display environments and spaces, help the visitors realize the space-time dialogue.

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Post time: Mar-13-2023