360 Degree Luminous Magnetic Flexible LED Tube Neon Light LEDEAST SN-A

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LEDEAST SN-A Magnetic Flexible LED Tube Neon Light

Magnetic flexible LED tube neon light is a type of lighting product that combines the flexibility of a tube neon light with the convenience of magnetic mounting.

This type of lighting solution is often used for creative lighting applications, such as accent lighting, signage, or decorative purposes.

The magnetic feature allows for easy installation on metal surfaces, while the flexibility of the tube allows for shaping and bending to fit various contours and designs.

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With many years of experience in the development and manufacture of general lighting have made LEDEAST technology one of the most significant innovation and technology drivers in China.

With its solid platform of experience and know-how, LEDEAST technology is not only a manufacturer of lamps but also as a reliable partner for LED technologies in a wide range of lighting applications.

Our main products covers indoor spotlights, track systems, indoor recessed fixtures,  indoor wall-mounted and wall-recessed luminaries, par Lights, panel Light, Bulbs, LED Strip, LED high bay light etc.

You can trust for superior quality, innovative technology and superlative service. With me, with light!

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