Low voltage track Magnetic Track Rail System LEDEAST TSMA

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A low voltage track magnetic track rail system is a type of lighting system that uses a low voltage power supply, typically 12V or 24V, to operate. Here are some key points to know about this type of lighting system:

Low voltage: Low voltage lighting systems are considered safer and more energy-efficient compared to their high voltage counterparts. The lower voltage reduces the risk of electrical shock and allows for more flexible installation options.

Magnetic track: The magnetic track rail system consists of a track that is embedded with magnets. The lights, usually track heads or pendants, have corresponding magnetic connectors that attach to the track. This magnetic connection provides both power and stability for the lights.

Flexible positioning: The magnetic track allows for easy repositioning of the lights along the track, providing flexibility in lighting design. You can move and adjust the lights to highlight different areas, artwork, or objects in the space.

Compatibility: Ensure that the magnetic track rail system and the lights you choose are compatible with each other. Different manufacturers may have specific systems, connectors, and accessories that are designed to work together.

Light options: There are various types of lights available for low voltage magnetic track rail systems, such as spotlights, floodlights, pendant lights, and adjustable track heads. Choose lights that suit your aesthetic preferences and lighting needs for the particular space.

Transformers: Low voltage lighting systems require a transformer to convert the higher line voltage (e.g., 120V or 240V) to the low voltage required by the system. Ensure that the transformer is properly sized for the total wattage of the lights connected to the system.

Installation and maintenance: It is recommended to consult with a qualified electrician for the installation of a low voltage magnetic track rail system. They can ensure proper wiring, grounding, and connection to the electrical supply. Regular cleaning and maintenance of the track and lights are important to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

Name : Magnetic Track Light Rail

Supplier : LEDEAST

Model : TSMA Magnetic Track Light Rail

Installation :  Recessed / Wall Mounted / Suspension

Finish Color : Black / White / Silver

Approve : CB / CE / RoHS

Length : 0.3m / 1m / 1.5m / 2m / 3m / 4m Be Free Customized

Warranty : 10 Years

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TSMA track rail  (3)
TSMA track rail  (2)
Name Magnetic Track Rail System  
Supplier LEDEAST
Model TSMA
Conductor Material Pure Red Copper (Ø2.3mm)
Insulation Material High-Density PVC
Body Material 1.8mm Thick Aluminum (High Hardness)
Max Load 16A
IP Grade IP20
Installation Recessed / Wall Mounted / Suspension
Surface Treatment Double Baking Paint
Finish Color Black / White / Silver
Approve CB / CE / RoHS
Length 0.3m / 1m / 1.5m / 2m / 3m / 4m
be free customized
Packing Stronger Packaging Be Customized
Warranty 10 Years
Shell Material High Quality Aluminum (High Density, High Hardness)
Couplers In default, Feeder & End cap & Mounting Hardware are NOT included.
Optional Couplers:Straight coupler (I) / 90° coupler (L) / T coupler (T) / X coupler (X) / Flexible coupler / Hang Rope / End Feeder & Cup, etc.

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