Steel Wire Suspension Cable Ceiling Suspension System

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Steel Wire Suspension Cable 1.5mm Kit Cable Clips LEDEAST MRS

Material: Aluminum
Place of Origin: Guang dong
Brand Name: LEDEAST
Color: White / Black / chrome
Application: LED Track Rail Ceiling installation
Type: Track Light Accessories
Surface treatment.: Spray paint
Available Length:2m
Shape: Round

The steel wire suspension cable is primarily used for suspending and supporting the tracks (for mounting track lights). This suspension system is commonly used in commercial spaces, home renovations, and other settings to install lighting fixtures at ceiling heights while providing flexibility and ease of adjustment.

The design of the suspension cable often includes adjustable sections to allow for precise positioning of the tracks based on the specific requirements. This feature ensures that the tracks are securely hung from the ceiling while maintaining an attractive and organized appearance. Overall, the suspension cable serves as an essential tool for installing and maintaining lighting fixtures with track systems.

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